How to Avoid Getting Wet When Washing Your Face

These tricks will help keep your face clean, and your shirt dry.

You should wash your face every morning and night, as you are aware, but it can be a nuisance. Not to mention needing to wipe up the water left at your sink afterward, not to mention a wet shirt and hair, it might seem nearly impossible to completely remove all trace of cleanser in a tidy manner at times. Are you curious about how to master this fundamental skin care regiment requirement without making a total mess? Here are five suggestions for washing your face without soaking your shirt and hair.

Use a cleanser without water.

You thought using water to rinse off your cleanser was a requirement? Think again. If you weren’t aware, there are cleansers that don’t require rinsing, and they’re kind of the holy grail for cleaning your face without the aforementioned splash of water all over the place. Just cleanse, that’s all. Even while watching your favorite TV show in bed, you can do this. Choose from one of our alternatives for cleaning without rinsing below:



Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser  All Skin Types Waterproof: The tiny oil molecules that cluster together to form this micellar water’s power source encircle and take away pollutants and makeup, including waterproof mascara. Skin is thoroughly cleansed by the recipe in only one step, and it feels moisturized and purified afterwards.

Ideal Clean All Skin Types Makeup Removing Towelettes These incredibly soft towelettes remove makeup, mascara, and even long-wear makeup with gentleness and efficiency. To clean and visibly tighten pores without drying out your skin, dirt and oil are dissolved.

Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleaning Towelettes: These towelettes are created specifically to nourish skin and improve radiance while delicately exfoliating and eradicating all traces of pollutants and makeup. Skin seems more polished, brighter, and smoother.


2. Style Your Hair

There are some suggestions if you don’t want to use a no-rinse cleanser as well. Put your hair up first things first. Getting your hair out of the way is the simplest technique to prevent washing your face with damp hair. To prevent your hair from hanging in the sink, smooth it into a high, unkempt bun. Getting your hair wet is no longer a concern. To keep your hair out of the way of the water if you have shorter face-framing layers or bangs, you may find it helpful to use hair clips, bobby pins, or a non-slip headband.


3. Put on a Towel

You can protect your clothing and your hair with a towel. One should hang over the front of your shirt when you wrap it around your shoulders. If you want to avoid worrying about it moving while you wash your face, feel free to clip it in the rear with a claw clip. You can also wrap your hair in a towel turban to protect it, much like you would after stepping out of the shower.


Utilize scrunches.

Are you prepared for a mind-blowing beauty trick? Put a scrunches over each of your wrists before you wash your face. This little tip will really save your life if water always falls down your arms when you wash, getting your sleeves wet in the process. The scrunches will collect the water and prevent your shirt from getting wet. After you’ve finished cleaning, take out the scrunches and put them by the sink to dry until the next time.


5. Be patient.

Taking your time is the key to preventing water from getting, well, everywhere. It’s simple to carelessly splash water when you’re in a hurry, but it merely wastes time cleaning up the mess you’ve created.



As you cup water with your hands while stooping down to the sink, slowly rinse your face. Although it will lengthen the initial process, it will prevent the needless aftermath from happening in the first place.

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