The Best Hair Colors For People With Olive Skin Tone

A great approach to getting creative with your appearance is to experiment with your hair color. In the world of hair and cosmetics, there are no set rules, which is what makes it so much fun, but there are some decisions you can make that can enhance your individual style the best. We’re offering a few suggestions for the best shades to complement your skin tone if you have olive skin and are looking for a new hair color option to test. We’re giving you lots of ideas up ahead, from auburn to blonde and more.

Finding Out What Looks Best on Olive Skin

Warm or neutral undertones with pronounced hues of green, brown, or yellow are frequently seen in olive skin. Assess whether your inclination is warmer or more neutral in order to choose a hair color that flatters your skin tone. Next, choose whether you want a soft hue or one with more contrast. You should choose medium hair colors with neutral to warm undertones if you want a subtle hair color that complements your skin without being overpowering. We advise choosing light or dark colors with cool undertones for a more striking appearance.

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First Honey Blonde
You can’t go wrong with honey blonde if you have light to medium olive skin and want a gentle hair color to complement you. Your complexion will look more radiant thanks to the warm undertones without looking harsh. To create this color at home, use the

2. Toffee
The warm undertones of this rich, light brown hair color are stunning on persons with olive skin, similar to honey blonde. This golden brown shade looks lovely when coupled with a medium, olive complexion. Use the to test it out.

3. Platinum Blonde 
Try platinum blonde if you want a vibrant, frosty color that will stand out against your skin tone. Be warned that getting your hair to a platinum-level lightness without breaking it can be difficult and involve a number of steps, so it’s best left to a professional.


4. Balayage Warm
A balayage process is a terrific approach to choosing a subtle hair color change since it adds complexity to your hair without changing its base color. To obtain a delicate, sunny style that will complement your skin tone, ask your color expert to paint on balayage highlights and tone with a warm shade.


5. Walnut
Warm undertones and very light touches of orange and red give this medium-to-deep brown tint its richness. This color is for you if you’re seeking something that perfectly balances being subdued and contrasting.

6. Rich Ash Brown
It is recommended to use a cool-toned, deep color like rich ashy brown for your hair so that it will stand out against your warm, olive skin. In contrast to warm tones, which tend to blend in, cool tones stand out against olive skin. With the ashy brown hair,

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7. Auburn
When it comes to hair color and makeup, it’s frequently advised that people with olive skin choose warm, golden hues, but don’t be afraid of red—fantastic it’s for the contrast theme we keep discussing. For olive skin, auburn hair offers the perfect harmony of warm and cool tones. Obtain the look using the

Editor’s tip: To tone your auburn color while deep conditioning your strands in just 15 minutes at home, use the when you need a color boost.

8. Burgundy, 
Burgundy is the ideal hue for you if you prefer deeper hair colors and want to go red. You already know what cool undertones in a hair color signify (contrast).

9. Cherry red
Give cherry red a try if you want a bold red color. It flatters a range of complexion tones because it is striking and colorful with a balance of warm and cool tones. Bring home this lovely shade with the


10. Light Pink
Choose an icy pink tint to stand out against your skin and enhance your complexion if you adore the pastel hair color trend and aren’t scared to experiment with color. If your natural hair color is medium or deep, you’ll need to visit a professional colorist because bleaching your hair is required to attain this ultra-light shade. However, if your initial shade is light, you can do it yourself at home with the

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