Dos and Don’ts in Monsoon Skin Care

Your most beautiful feature is your skin. But when the monsoon season starts, do you start to worry and stress about it? Does the very first raindrop cause it to lose all of its radiance and shine? This is due to the fact that your typical skin care routine is insufficient to maintain it smooth and fresh throughout the rainy season.
While rains offer relief from the heat and perspiration, if necessary precautions are not taken, they can cause serious damage to your skin. Monsoons are bad news for nearly all skin types, depriving it of its healthy sheen and causing irritation and rashes. You can weather any storm and present a fresh and radiant face by adhering to a thorough monsoon skin care routine that includes utilizing quality products and simple yet effective tactics.
Here are a few dos and don’ts for the ideal monsoon skin care regimen that can help you solve your beauty problems and give you naturally bright skin.

Important guidelines for skin care during the monsoon season:

1) It’s essential to deep clean:

To prevent clogged pores, cleanse your skin at least three times every day to get rid of extra dirt and oil. Including Dabur Gulabari Rose Water in your daily at-home skin care routine may be the greatest monsoon skin care advice you can apply. A natural toner, it thoroughly refreshes the skin while deeply cleansing it and lightening the skin tone.

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2) The best care begins with the correct moisturizer:

Your skin may get even more dry during the monsoon. Your primary priority should always be to keep it moisturized with a decent quality moisturizer. Applying a nourishing moisturizer, such as Dabur Gulabari Moisturizing Cold Cream, to your dry skin can keep it moisturized, supple, and healthy. The cream, which contains natural rose extracts, adds a natural rose-like glow to the skin while preserving the skin’s moisture balance. This is the purest form of monsoon skin care.
3) Wash the grease from your face:

For those who are gifted with oily or acne-prone skin, the monsoon season can be a true nightmare. To remove dead skin cells from your skin, you must gently exfoliate it every day. As a result, an at-home skin care regimen for oily skin can help keep it clean and oil-free. Just use a mixer to ground a few almonds. Make a paste with a spoonful of honey and a few drops of Dabur Gulabari Rose Water before applying it to your face. Almonds brighten skin tone and reduce blemishes, while honey and rose water moisturize and smooth the face, making the scrub an ideal at-home beauty care regimen for oily skin.

4) Prevent impurities:

Taking care of the skin in accordance with the needs of the weather becomes crucial as the temperature changes from hot to humid. Making a simple adjustment to your beauty routine will not only improve the appearance of your skin but will also aid in the prevention of skin infections, which are common during the rainy season. A straightforward solution, such as homemade face wash, will aid in the removal of pollutants and restore the skin’s natural beauty. Use a teaspoon of Dabur Gulabari Rose Water with a mixture of fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder, and paste made from powdered basil leaves to cleanse your face.

The finest skin care regimen for oily skin uses this face wash, but it also works well for other skin types as a monsoon skin care solution.


the forbidden:

1) Avoid using hot water to wash your face:

Avoid washing your face with hot water as part of your usual monsoon skin care routine. Skin injury and skin caliper thinning are both caused by hot water.

2) Keep Bleaches away:

During the monsoon, avoid using bleach! While bleach can be used in any season, bleaching your face during the monsoon can result in dry, harsh skin.

3) Maintain clean skin:

Remember to include thorough cleaning of your skin every night before bed as part of your regular monsoon skin care regimen. One of the main causes of breakouts and acne during the monsoon is inadequate skin washing, which results in bacterial invasion.

Utilize sunscreen:

Even if overcast skies are typical during the monsoon, this does not excuse you from being aware of the dangerous ultraviolet radiation that are present in the air. Using a high-quality sunblock lotion with SPF properties should become a regular monsoon skin care ritual, rain or shine. Don’t allow the rain cause your skin any harm. For additional advice on how to maintain perfect skin during the monsoon, keep reading our blog.

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