Simple Homemade Face Pack & Monsoon Skin Care Advice

The monsoon may be a welcome break from the oppressive summer heat, but the humid conditions are rough on your skin. And for all skin types, that’s bad news. For DIY beauty advice designed specifically for the rainy season, continue reading.
Although taking a hot shower on a chilly, rainy day may feel wonderful, doing so is bad for your skin. You get redness from hot water because it weakens your capillaries. Instead, use lukewarm water and adhere to our skin care advice.
You might believe that the rain accidently washed your face when you return home soaked. However, since bacteria build-up and acne breakouts are at an all-time high at this time, there is no excuse to skip the cleansing process.


Obtain plenty of water. You can stay hydrated during the humid monsoons by drinking more water.
Increase your consumption of quality proteins. For further details, read our article on foods that are good for your skin.
Rainy, muggy weather during the monsoon season results in damp feet and sticky shoes, which can lead to fungus infections and other illnesses. Make it a point to wear monsoon-friendly footwear such as gum boots or floaters that don’t mess with your feet. If you’re wearing open-toed shoes or sandals, the unclean water plays havoc with your feet. If you’re wearing closed shoes, they remain wet and don’t let your feet breathe.

Every time you return home, wash your feet and make sure they are thoroughly dry before putting on fresh shoes or socks. A regular pedicure is essential! So take our skin care advice to heart and learn how to give yourself a DIY pedicure.
Pomegranate seed, oats, honey, and buttermilk are the first natural beauty advice. Apply the mixture on your entire face after blending the ingredients. The anti-aging ingredients, such as antioxidants and vitamin C, nourish your skin, eliminate dead skin cells, and give you a youthful appearance. Leave it on for 15 minutes, scrape it off, and then wash it off.

This DIY face mask is designed to restore your skin’s natural brightness. One spoon of sugar, two spoons of milk, and a few drops of essential oil should be added to mashed apples. Apply it to your face right now, leave it on for 15 minutes, and then wash it off. The ultimate result will be a highly hydrated and nourished face.
Here is another homemade face mask that can restore all the moisture that your skin has lost due to the humidity. You’ll need curd, turmeric powder, and bean. Apply a paste to your face and neck after making it. After leaving it on for around 10 to 12 minutes, gently wash it off with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water.

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