The most powerful power is buried in 12 different foods!

A Japanese dietitian offered the “ultra simple food therapy” for edema and obesity, and kelp sprout soup emptied all the fat around the abdomen!

Mayuko is a dietitian. The goal of Kikuchi’s anti-aging and slimming diet is to teach everyone how to choose good food and how to adjust the combination of foods to consume the most potent nutrients; thus, the best beauty care products will not be found in bottles on department store counters. The finest weight loss drug in the jar should have no side effects, the best whitening and anti-aging health care products should not be out of reach, and the best hair growth and anti-whitening hair care products should begin with daily health care! Let’s look at Kikuchi Mayuko’s sharing as an example of how to eat.

Pasta is high in both water-insoluble and water-soluble dietary fiber, which can help with intestinal peristalsis, defecation, and intestinal health. Seafood is a low-fat protein source that can boost metabolism and help the body age more gracefully.
Vitamin B1, which decomposes carbohydrates, and vitamin B2, which can burn lipids, are both abundant in edamame. It has the ability to metabolize sugars and lipids at the same time, convert them to energy, burn excess sugars and lipids, and help you lose weight!

Buckwheat noodles, which are high in vitamin P and rutin and are especially beneficial to women, not only reduce hot flashes but also lower blood pressure and aid vitamin C absorption.

Methods such as “calorie counting” and “sugar counting” are commonly advocated for weight loss and anti-aging, yet these methods typically overlook food’s inherent potency. Excessive or skewed diet management prevents the body from absorbing the “correct nutrients,” resulting in accelerated aging and a poor complexion. Weight loss isn’t necessarily healthy. As a result, the author believes that as long as you eat the proper food, it doesn’t matter if you don’t avoid it; if you know how to eat the food that suits you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t avoid it.

The strongest power hidden in food

Celery might help you get rid of dark circles.
Adult pimples are fully broken by sardines.
Your hands will be as smooth and white as tofu after eating slippery egg jelly tofu.

It has a wonderful effect to improve facial relaxation and eat green pepper fried meat.

The most effective spot removal soup is clam tomato soup.

Scalloped spinach strengthens hair that is thinning.

Is it true that eating roast pig and ordering beef rib muscle improves buffalo shoulder?

Eat more mushrooms to get rid of your tummy fat quickly.

Menopause and fat gain can be easily avoided by eating fried pork with onions.

Consume seaweed vinegar mixed with ginger to combat sweat odor and strong body odor.

Without dying, fried chicken with cashew nuts makes hair black and brilliant!

Soba noodles are the best food for reducing blood pressure and relaxing hot flashes.

Mayuko Kikuchi, a dietitian, stated, “I’ve been a nutritionist for 30 years and have taught tens of thousands of people who “want to lose weight” or “want to look younger” what components of diet to focus on.” It is incorrect to believe that “if you want to be skinny, you must starve.” “You should eat well if you want to lose weight.” I am confident that “the better you eat, the thinner you are” and “the better you eat, the younger you are” based on my many years of expertise as a nutritionist. Of course, we don’t want people to eat everything they want. Eating has its own set of techniques. The most important thing is that you understand “what food to eat and how to prepare it.”

The power contained in the nutrients in food is far more powerful than we imagined, and it contains amazing effects such as “makes the skin beautiful”, “can make spots and wrinkles disappear”, “can tighten and relax the skin” “, “can burn fat”, “have a way to make black hair grow back”…. The key is to carefully choose ingredients rich in “rejuvenating nutrients” to eat. As long as you change your diet, your skin, hair, and body can return to their youthful state. I believe everyone can’t wait. When food is eaten into the body, it will definitely exert its effect. No matter how old you are when you start practicing this diet, you are guaranteed to see results.


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