4 Pro Makeup Tips for a Smooth Appearance

Cakey skin ruins a nice makeup look like nothing else. Given that the purpose of foundation is to hide flaws, it’s a huge letdown when it causes problems, such as accentuated skin texture and a spotty complexion.

If you’re having trouble perfecting smooth makeup, keep reading because we chatted with Sir John, a celebrity makeup artist and L’Oréal Paris expert, to uncover his tricks.

1. Exfoliate your skin to prepare it.
Dry patches and uneven skin texture will detract from the smoothness of your complexion, regardless of what makeup you apply. Sir John emphasizes the need of exfoliating to address these difficulties.

He believes, “Chemical exfoliators are the name of the game.” “The foundation sticks to your skin better when you have a freshly exfoliated dermis.” Chemical exfoliating products are preferable to manual exfoliators since they are gentler.

In addition to SPF protection and antioxidants, it offers a soothing mix that helps to alleviate dry spots.

2. Don’t Forget to Moisturize 

A layer of a moisturizing product is essential in order for your foundation to look its best. Sir John says that even a bit of a lightweight moisturizer or serum will do.

3. Selecting a Foundation Formula Wisely
Every foundation is unique, as is every person’s skin. Sir John advises using matte foundations if you have a textured complexion caused by pimples. “Avoid luminous products,” he advises. “If you don’t want to draw attention to texture, apply mattifying products.” When you use anything with brightness, shimmer, or glow, you’ll see more texture.”

4. Think about how you’ll submit your application
The ideal approach to apply foundation is a matter of personal taste. However, if you’re having trouble making your makeup look smooth due to skin texture, a makeup sponge can help.



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