We’re now adoring five different types of landscape nails.

Changing up your manicure is a simple and low-risk method to try out new beauty trends. We’ve been seeing a lot of landscape nails on our social media feeds lately, and we adore it. These colorful and inventive designs use a variety of colors on a variety of nail shapes and can alter with the seasons. Do you want to join the trend? We thought you might be interested. Make a statement with your next set of gels, acrylics, or press on nails by trying one of these five beautiful landscape nail designs.

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Day to Night Indie Landscapes
The routine can feel a lot less mundane when you’re staring out at the grandeur of the ocean or the mountains. That could explain why we adore the aesthetic of these landscapes on acrylic or gel nails.

Desert Toes
If you won’t be able to visit the desert this year, bring it to you through your nail design! The rustically attractive appearance of cacti, sand, and breathtaking sunsets are literally at your fingers. These themes’ vivid hues will simply transition you from winter to spring to summer.
Nails by Aurora
If you want your landscape nails to be more about the lights than the land, aurora nails are the way to go. This gorgeous design has an almost frightening air to it, as it was inspired by the northern lights (officially known as the aurora borealis). The brilliant colors of the starry lights were used.


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