5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Books

If you’re a bookworm, you definitely have a lot of outdated books that are ready to be discarded. As sad as it is, there seems to be nothing you can do with them anymore, or even place to store them, to be honest! Wait, there are some wonderful things you can construct with old books that you won’t have to trash away! Your small study is packed high with dusty old collectibles including novels, bestsellers, journals, encyclopedias, and classics. Apart from saving room, these old books are also becoming a favorite hangout spot for mites. But the thought of them being hidden makes you uncomfortable. What exactly do you do? Repurpose them to make new “artsy and crafty” items.


Use your old books in new ways.
1. Welcome visitors The Bookish Approach
Old books with drawings can be repurposed to make unique greeting cards. Your loved ones are aware of your love of reading and would appreciate a piece of your pie for themselves. These cards are suitable for a variety of occasions, including graduations, farewells, birthdays, housewarmings, and more.


2. Flowers and Paper Coasters

Want to give your child’s room, a birthday gift, or the decor of your community show a unique twist? There are simple tutorials that teach you how to make crafts out of old books. Make interesting coasters using simple ceramic tiles and Harry Potter (or Sherlock Holmes, if you choose) cut-outs. This decoupage painting only requires a few supplies.

3. Diary Covers That Are Adorable

Use sheets from other books to decorate your notebooks, scrapbooks, diaries, and other favorite reading materials. The most promising of all the items you can construct with old books are those that help you keep the aesthetic of your originals. Create these appealing covers and begin experimenting right now.

4. Make the Light of Knowledge Shine

Why not make your mantle candlesticks even more unique by adding additional dimension in the form of old book pages? Wrap favorite pages around the outsides of candle holders and build fine protrusions or decorations to allow light to shine through. You can do the same thing with your tea candles. Isn’t it spreading far more than just light?

5. Your Necklace’s Pendants
Wearing vintage book page necklaces will give your persona an entirely fresh spin. To give your old treasures a fresh appeal, rip out your favorite drawings or text and add a touch of lacquer or paint. Make smart-looking, long-lasting pendants with glue and colored stones.

Still stumped on how to recycle old books? Put your thinking cap on and inspiration for d├ęcor items, garlands, bookmarks, gift tags, cake toppers, rings, and charming piggy banks will begin to flow.

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