8 Elegant and Contemporary Wedding Nail Designs

Bold nail art has its own time and place. Consider a delicate nail art design that’s yet current and exciting if you want to add detailed features into your wedding day main without going overboard. These nail art concepts are lovely and worthy of their own moment, even if the color palettes are more neutral and the designs are more simple. Continue reading for eight nail styles that are ideal for your bridal manicure.

Pearl Manicure in French
The best wedding day nail is a French manicure. The style is elegant and classy, and it can be dressed up or down depending on your own preference. If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, have your nail technician construct a set of acrylic French tips with tiny pearl accents crawling up each nail.
Hearts of Minimalism
Because love is in the air, why not adorn your fingers with the love symbol? Tiny red hearts are not only adorable, but they can only be seen up close during intimate moments with your new life partner, such as your first dance.

Graphic Excellence
Elegant graphic gold nail designs elevate a simple nude manicure. A nude manicure with gold embellishments gives a touch of royalty to an otherwise understated look. If gold isn’t your style, have your nail technician recreate the design in silver, rose gold, or another bright nail polish color.
Make It Shine
On your wedding day, there can never be too much bling. Allow your nails to join in the fun by placing little gemstones in a straight line down the center of each fingernail. You can also go all out and sprinkle jewels all over the place.


Tip: Square
This incredibly fashionable look combines a white French tip design with super short, sharp, squared off tips instead of rounded or almond shaped nails, for a unique take on a classic. It’s sassy and fierce, and it’ll look stunning holding a bouquet of flowers.
Shine Brilliantly (Like a Diamond)
You’ll want to seem as glamorous as possible as the center of attention on your wedding day. This acrylic nail set has a splash of color (did someone say blue?) and a dash of drama, which is everything you could want in a bridal beauty look.

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