How to Wash Your Hair?

Nothing compares to the sensation of freshly shampooed hair. The shampoo’s aroma stimulates your senses, and your hair can be shiny and silky to the touch depending on your hair texture. Why wouldn’t we want to feel that way every day?

There are numerous explanations for this. The most significant and typical stumbling block is time. The majority of us don’t have a real wash-and-go style, at least not one that we’d call a style. It feels great to suds up our locks, but styling them afterwards takes effort, especially when you have places to go and don’t always have the time to perfect a blowout or perfectly coil your curls.

But isn’t it true that you should wash your hair frequently? Yes and no are the answers. Continue reading to learn how to take care of your locks in and out of the shower.

How much is sufficient?
If you wash your hair too frequently, that smooth feel can quickly turn to dry locks and a barren scalp. Dry hair is fragile hair, and using shampoo too frequently can result in damage that you may not expect, but certainly do not want. Some shampoos contain ingredients that irritate your scalp and make it itchy.

Similarly, you should wash your hair frequently enough to prevent build-up at the scalp, which can result in oily, unmanageable roots and dandruff.

Your hair wash frequency is determined by you and your hair type. Perhaps your hair is naturally dry, in which case an extra day of oil buildup will benefit your hair’s health. You might be able to make it to day three without opening the shampoo bottle. Hair that is thick, wavy, or curly, especially African-American hair, can be dry. Over washing could make it even dryer because the oil doesn’t easily cover the strands. If you have a naturally oily scalp or a rigorous training regimen that causes you to sweat on a daily basis, shampooing every day or every other day may be necessary.

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